Truffle hunting

Truffle hunting, or “cavage”, is the name given to the harvesting of the truffle. The term derives from the Provençal word “cavadou”, a tool used for digging truffles out of the soil.

This work is carried out with a dog that has been trained from a very early age. There is no special breed of “truffle hound”; any dog can learn how to hunt for truffles. For our part, we have opted to work with the Lagotto Romagnolo, not because it is trendy to do so, but because we are genuinely convinced of its qualities. Indeed, to be proficient and effective, a truffle hound needs to possess certain aptitudes. It must be docile, and possess stamina and a highly attuned nose. The Lagotto is affectionate and very attached to its master. Its character, very keen nose and powerful paws mean this dog is easy to train and well suited to truffle hunting.

Training consists of conditioning the puppy to the smell of truffles, rewarding it for each truffle harvested. When the dog detects a truffle, it starts to dig, and its master then finishes excavating the fungus.
Searching for truffles requires a real synergy between animal and master.


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